Disputing a Loved One's Estate?

Let me help you with probate litigation in San Diego, CA

Understanding the legal process isn't always easy. Before you step into the courtroom in San Diego, California, you need to have an experienced attorney by your side. The Law Office of John J. McAvoy goes above and beyond to help our clients through challenging situations and difficult times. As lead attorney, I have experience dealing with matters ranging from probate litigation to bankruptcy law.

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Personal service in multiple areas

Working directly with an attorney is your best chance for success in the courtroom. It's my job to help you navigate the legal process and understand your options.

Acting as your general legal counsel, I can help you if you're...

  • Filing a personal injury claim
  • Moving your loved one's estate through probate litigation
  • 40 Years of Experience¬†

Disputing wills and estates can be a complicated process, so it's important to hire an experienced law firm for the services you need. Schedule an appointment with me today by calling 619-260-1323.

About John J. McAvoy

My name is John J. McAvoy, and I've been providing law firm services in San Diego, California since 1979. Over the years, I've learned that every case is different. That's why I prioritize personal service for every client. No matter what you're dealing with, I'll be there to help you understand and navigate the legal side of things. My job is to look at your legal problems and help you find solutions.