Are You Disputing a Loved One's Will?

Consult a probate lawyer in San Diego, CA

After a loved one passes away, there are a lot of legal decisions that need to be made. Their will is intended to specify their wishes. However, if there are questions about the will or you'd like to dispute it, you need to speak with a probate lawyer at The Law Office of John J. McAvoy. I'll walk you step-by-step through the probate process so you can appeal your loved one's will appropriately.

A lot of legal paperwork goes into the creation of wills and estates. As your attorney in San Diego, California, I'll help you go through the details and understand the process.

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When can a will get stuck in probate?

Leaving behind a will doesn't mean there won't be questions after you're gone. For a will to be validated, it must go through the probate process.

Wills and estates may linger in probate if...

  • The paperwork is invalid or outdated.
  • The terms of the will are unclear.
  • Beneficiaries disagree about the terms.
  • Creditors demand to collect outstanding debt.
  • The deceased may have been coerced.

Hiring a probate lawyer can help you move the process forward. Contact me about your situation today.